Original Revelationary Gospel © Music that takes you through the New Testament in a lively Scottish Country meets 80s-Rock.

“The Love and The Light” has been written by David W Anderson, inspired and integral to his testimony as he shook loose the chains of the world and gave his heart and himself to Christ. As he was ‘seeking’ he stripped the lyrics from some old folk songs he had written some 2 decades before and re-wrote Gospel lyrics in replacement to make a start at presenting the New Testament on song.

“The Love and The Light” as a concept has been penned as a stage musical with the main characters, in first person, acting out the story and events on stage aided by 2 presenters at the front narrating the story between songs and helping out with the actual performance too. The stage concept was envisaged as a simple setting, lots of colour and light, acoustic with much emphasis on folk-strings bass and drums.

The Love and the Light Band Fellowship is performing all songs on the albums and at live performances. It is our vision to enter all 40 original songs into a musical stage production once all songs have been produced.