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Hailing from Jersey, Channel Islands. Graduated from Bournemouth in Interactive Media Production. I enjoy creating things, especially websites. I love the variety of projects which I have undertaken, each with their own challenges, in which I utilised my determination while enhancing my skills.

I build websites and enjoy designing for print.

Some of the things I use..

HTML5 | CSS | Javascript | Ruby on Rails | SQL | Photoshop | Illustrator


Get in touch...

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EY Time Management System

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Our final group project for the Digital Jersey Coding Programme, we were tasked with building a Management Web App to track holiday and leave requests. I focused mainly on setting up the database, user authentication and the back-end of the project. The system allows users to log leave requests which can then be approved by seniors and tracked within a calendar and email notifications.


Charity Website

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The Love + The Light was a Christian charity folk band. I developed of an appealing website to showcase their music with careful thought to the layout and pleasant colours; meeting the specs of the client to provide a slideshow of quotes and a responsive design for mobile platforms.

Unfortunately the band has now disbanded and the website no longer required online.


JIBS Events Demo

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This was a demo project so I had something to build, I looked at the JIBs events website and created a similar design.

This is not a complete website, only a front page with a menu for mobile, as an example.


Dub P Logos

A logo design for DJ Dub P, incorporating his style and personality into the logo to reflect his stage presence


Meridian Clinic Graphics & Print

The client Meridian Clinic specialising in Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Colonic Hydrotherapy. The project goal was the design and production of materials for print. Progressing from hand drawn designs and layouts onto illustrator using vectors to get the results for any resolution. We produced three large billboards, new leaflets signage, and writing paper for the Meridian Clinic. Working with the client to create an impressive set of informative posters for the display cases.


Single Cover

Designing the single cover for DJ Producer, PaleFace. Simple effective graphics with plenty of space. A fantastic project to be apart of, working with the client to produce the best satisfying results.


The Incredible Blob Game & Site

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My final graduate project at Bournemouth University, The Incredible Blob. A brilliant experience, though challenging, I chose to create a video game. I worked through the process from my initial concept and hand drawn level plans onto the full 3D game. You take the role of a lovable Alien, who stuck on an invested earth and needs to collect enough goo to grow and fuel his spaceship back home.

Exciting challenges throughout the level to appeal to an audience who enjoy the playful style and maze style game. Built using JS & Unity, I also created the website to host it, where the game can be downloaded and played.